Owner-Managed Business

For the most part, individuals who are paid a salary or compensated by the hour tend not to think too much about tax-related matters until year-end and the arrival of the return filing season. In contrast, those who operate their own businesses are confronted by challenging tax issues throughout the year. They must contend with estimated taxes, FICA, unincorporated business taxes, income recognition and expense deductions, as well as a variety of tax rules that are applicable to their situations.

Because of the linkage between the business and the owner-manager, it generally makes sense to employ an integrated approach to managing business and personal taxes, so as to reduce the overall tab and identify a balance between the two with both short-and long-term benefits. At Aristide CPA, our holistically-oriented tax strategies can help you capitalize on tax saving opportunities and resolve various compliance and planning issues.

In fact, we believe our professional experience and engaged focus is entirely suited to the businesses of owner-managers, which generally don’t have the specialized staff that larger enterprises do. We seek to fill this void by offering advice and insights in the areas of accounting, tax, succession and business planning, along with other finance-related matters. By combining cutting-edge technology with first class service, we strive to be the go-to source for financial, accounting and tax-related expertise.

As a business owner, you have more important things to do than to keep close watch on ever-changing tax laws and accounting rules.

Simply put, our services are designed to remove the hassle of managing taxes and finances so you can get back to managing your business and generating profits and cash. Our business services include:

  • Assisting with entity selection and legal formation (i.e., C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, LLP, or PC) and legal formation
  • Customizing accounting system design and set-up
  • Preparing interim and annual financial statements
  • Estimated tax reporting
  • Capital investment planning and analysis (e.g., lease vs. buy decisions)
  • Establishing and maintaining capitalization policies (e.g., schedule of depreciation for fixed assets)
  • Preparing partnership/LLC, corporate, estate, nonprofit, commercial rent, and unincorporated business tax returns, as well as sales tax reports
  • Attestation services, including audits, reviews and compilations