Payroll Compliance

Aristide CPA offers a cloud-based payroll service, powered by financial software leader Intuit, which allows you to securely access, process and review your payroll information at any time and from nearly any location with internet access. With the click of a mouse, payroll-related reports and tax returns can be viewed, printed or downloaded, either in a standardized format or filtered based on specific data, date ranges or other information.

Our range of available services and features includes:

  • Completingfederal and state filings, including quarterly 941/944 forms, year-end 940 forms, and employee W-2s.
  • Maintaining and making available all payroll-related information, including employment histories, historical pay stubs, and tax filing and payment records.
  • Electronically depositing paychecks into employee bank accounts using our Direct Deposit service, and providing pay stubs that detail current and year-to-date pre- and post-tax withholding amounts, along with vacation and sick time.
  • Support for all common pay types, voluntary deductions such as insurance and retirement plans, and employees’ online access to pay data.