Planning & Preparation

To provide the professional assistance our clients demand, we don’t wait until tax season arrives to get underway. We begin working with clients well beforehand in an effort to ensure that our knowledge and understanding of their life and/or business will allow them to implement strategies right now that can make a positive difference later on. 

At Aristide CPA, we believe there is much more to providing taxation services than preparing returns; we also try to save you time and money through intelligent tax planning. Based on our in-depth knowledge of your history and objectives, we look beyond your current position to see what you and your business can do to achieve the full range of your financial and strategic objectives.

Quite simply, as seasoned tax professionals, we understand what it takes to make the tax code work in our clients’ favor.

More than traditional tax services alone

In addition, because we understand that having the right tax strategies in place is critical to the success of any firm, regardless of size or structure, we work to ensure you have a tax planning policy that is fully effective and benefits your business, and which takes full account of legislative developments and industry best practices. We also review and help clients to establish legal entities that function as intended.

To do our job the right way, of course, requires that we remain clued in to the particulars of your situation – typically by asking the right kind of questions and paying careful attention to the answers – as well as staying on top of ever-changing tax laws. Along with our meticulous analysis, research and error-checking, we also harness the power of specialized technology, which helps ensure accuracy and speed and enables us to retrieve client records almost instantly.